Herakles - more than PROFINET monitoring

Network management is not an annoying duty, but - if operated correctly - a valuable tool via

entire life cycle of a machine or plant. It supports and simplifies project documentation from the engineering to the plant start up, commissioning and handover of the plant up to the Operation. There, it fulfils important tasks such as diagnosis, predictive maintenance or asset management, it supports keeping the plant documentation up to date and, on top of that, it contributes to cyber security.

Herakles Features


Configuration properties

Apart from the basic properties such as for example Firmware version, device name, IP configuration, Herakles also monitors the topology. Changes in the wiring are immediately noticed, and the device replacement is also reported immediately



Status monitoring and error condition monitoring around the clock. Sporadic failures are reported and stored for the long term



Deterioration of the cable quality, increase of the port utilization, changes in the ring, are not only reported but also visualized in an attractive way. In addition, you get a complete overview of the network, Herakles supports docking of e. g. robot tools. A complete topology in one view!


Categorization of the errors

This makes it possible to quickly identify where action is needed


predictive maintenance

Failures can be avoided by a comprehensive analysis of certain threshold values. With the associated reporting, maintenance work can be planned in an appropriately structured manner


Cause analysis

Errors are always considered in dependence. This helps to quickly locate and eliminate the cause. Diagnosis for subordinate control systems

No more switching between engineering tools. Herkles also works for robot cells, for example.


Automated acceptance test

Herakles permanently carries out the tests against the operator's specifications. Newly integrated devices are immediately checked for valid configuration. Thus, for example, an installation of devices with an old firmware version is immediately detected and reported accordingly. Standardized


acceptance reports

Simple and comprehensive report generation conveniently and at any time at the push of a button


Comfortably from the office

The architecture of Herakles allows you to view the system status from the comfort of your office. All functions can be executed from a central location, saving a lot of time and effort.

Asset Management

Device-specific LifeCycle

Herakles tracks the complete life cycle of a device. It automatically detects whether devices have already been installed at another location. Store comments or notes, for example, in order to make the to be able to document errors of a certain firmware version in the long term.


Basis for Cycber Security

The database connection allows you to search your entire equipment inventory. Automatically predefined filters help you to generate overviews quickly and easily. Knowing which devices with which firmware version are installed in the field is the basis for Cyber Security. Herakles also supports Windows-based devices. You want to perform a firmware update - the search for the devices including of the machine in which they are installed, a piece of cake with Herakles.

Easy to integrate

Herakles is a distributed system in which the collection of information is realized by system-integrated software sensors. It is integrated into existing infrastructures without the need for additional hardware components. Thanks to the scalable system architecture, the solution can be adapted to systems and machines of all sizes and, if necessary, can grow with the system.


Different project participants - different perspectives

Herakles enables information overviews from different perspectives and over life cycles

of a plant in the production environment. Planners can store configuration properties centrally, project managers can keep track of project progress and generate reports quickly and easily, and maintenance staff are supported in finding and eliminating errors. In the production phase, the rapid detection of error conditions as well as targeted information and instructions for eliminating the causes of errors are of enormous importance. The integrated diagnostic capability and the early warning function provide the plant operator with appropriate support.

Is it still easy to use?

Effectiveness, efficiency and user satisfaction is the measure of usability. These three fundamental aspects were taken as a basis for the development of Herakles'; graphical user interface in order to provide all users with a wide range of perspectives with a simple and easy-to-use visualization.


See for yourself and simply request a demo version.


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