Asset Management - starting point for industrial security

Network management is not an annoying duty, but - if operated correctly - a valuable tool over the entire life cycle of a machine or system. Good network management supports and simplifies project documentation from engineering through plant construction, commissioning and plant handover to operation. There it performs important tasks such as diagnosis, predictive maintenance and asset management, it helps to keep the plant documentation up to date and contributes to cyber security.

The Herakles network management system developed by AIT Solutions is a versatile monitoring and early warning system that implements the requirements of all important use cases in the various life cycle phases of a machine or plant. It is specially designed for networks that use PROFINET as a communication technology.

  • Plant wide consolidation of all assets from the PROFINET network including Windows-based devices
  • Detection of topological changes in the network
  • Windows based systems are also listed, including for instance inserted USB stick
  • Tracking the device LifeCycle
  • Configuration changes of the participants are detected and reported

Herakles not only manages the assets, but also the lifecycles of all individual devices, making it an important tool for asset management. For example, if devices are removed and reinstalled elsewhere, Herakles can detect this and also keeps an eye on the firmware versions last used and the stations in which it was previously installed.

By permanently monitoring all participants, Herakles can also detect what is changing in the network. This includes not only basic configuration parameters, such as IP configuration or device names, but also topological changes. The detailed recording of all assets, i. e., also software status or version, is also a basic measure for cyber security. Only when all system and device details are known can effective defensive measures be defined.


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