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PROFINET Monitoring

Monitoring, diagnosis, validation and asset management for PROFINET in one tool is not possible? There you go! With Herakles. And the whole thing is also super easy to use. Read on and get a first impression!

PROFINET Troubleshooting

Are you looking for help with difficult mistakes? Ask us!

We have over 10 years of experience in the PROFINET field. We would be happy to support you in getting your system back up and running smoothly.

PROFINET Commissioning

Would you like to check whether your specifications have been met before handing over a new plant? Simply use our PROFINETanalyzer and get a quick overview of your health status. Or simply ask us, and we will do it for you!

Asset Management

The large number of individual devices that are now installed in PROFINET-based production plants make detailed asset management indispensable. Also with regard to cybersecurity, this is becoming an increasingly important component for the care, management and maintenance of automation systems.


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